The Echo Chamber

The Echo Chamber

New Episodes Every Monday

Music, Video Games

The Echo Chamber is a weekly podcast that is sometimes about music and video games. Once you hit play, you never really know what direction an episode will go in.

Hosts: Jeff Webster, Eric DiGiovanni, Erich Sherman, Paolo Viteri


Heel Turn

New Episodes Every Thursday

Professional Wrestling

Heel Turn is a live weekly wrestling show broadcast Wednesday nights, then put up as a podcast the following day. Owen and John cover WWE, NXT, Lucha Underground, and anything else major happening in the world of wrestling.

Hosts: Owen Douglass, John Gawarecki-Maxwell


I'd Rather Not

New Episodes Every Friday


I'd Rather Not is a weekly comedy podcast that asks the tough questions. Each episode our "expert" panel welcomes a guest to disect "would you rather" scenarios and vote on a "winner". It always either ends in death or an existential crisis.

Hosts: Andy Hill, Owen Douglass, John Gawarecki-Maxwell, Eric DiGiovanni